Obesidata nas Escolas

Obesidata in Schools

In the important mission of promoting better levels of knowledge on the issue of obesity, the Obesidata Project finds in its strategic partners a privileged path to reach those who are the first and one of the most important recipients of all this work: Young people of school age (between 15 and 18 years of age).

It is through educational institutions and their teaching staff that we are able to establish a more direct communication with young people and transmit to them all the importance that the topic of obesity involves.

Palestras Obesidata

Obesidata Lectures

Following the success of the Obesidata Project, Doctor Dr. José Maria Tallon gave a series of Lectures in several secondary schools across the country. It is important to note the huge participation of students and teachers in these Lectures, since in all schools the auditoriums were full to listen carefully to the information and advice given by this specialist in the treatment of obesity.

At the end of each Lecture, all participants had the opportunity to ask their questions and questions, thus making the result of these initiatives even richer.

Projeto Obesidata

Obesidata Project

The Obesidata Project consists of a platform for study and scientific knowledge on the issue of obesity, which is based on the collection of information on the physical characteristics of individuals, their eating habits and their physical activity or physical inactivity habits. The data collected is the subject of advanced scientific studies.

This project has as one of its main objectives, the creation of a new platform that is able to promote the increase of the knowledge of the population in general on the best ways to combat obesity, through the correct diet and good physical activity habits.