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Consultas Presenciais ou em Videoconferência 

Na Clínica Dr Tallon pode marcar a sua consulta numa das nossas clínicas espalhadas pelo Pais ou através de Videoconferência.

We provide our Videoconferences in order to be able to access our doctors in a practical way.

All monitoring is done using the simplest communication technologies: video, phone. Easier is impossible. 

We are the Slimming Clinic with More Experience in the World in the sector of Weight Loss. Our methods are scientifically proven. We treat obesity using the most up-to-date techniques Aesthetic Medicine in cases where necessary.


Para mais informações: Telefone  +351 217 956 077
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Our Method

In slimming clinics Dr. Tallon we do nutrition medical consultationsEach person is given a personalized diet after surveying the specific needs of each case.

The diet is usually accompanied by a prescription given by our nutrition experts. The pills will have the important function of decreasing appetite, controlling the anxiety that normally causes any diet, decreasing the absorption of some nutrients and helping to eliminate others. These medical treatments are always personalized according to the clinical record, the particular situation, the objectives and even the history of each patient.

The cost of the initial consultation is €80. Follow-up consultations at the slimming clinic or by videoconference, têm um custo de 80€. The objective is that they are carried out every 50 days and throughout the period that the treatment lasts.

All our patients have permanent access to a personal chat (via App) and even to their doctor's phone (WhatsApp). You can clarify all doubts without having to wait for the next appointment.

Medication or slimming pills are priced around €65/€69, depending on the substance. This amount is paid to pharmacies and not to Clinica Dr Tallon.

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Why the Slimming Clinic Dr. Tallon?

Science-Based Treatments

Our methods are all scientifically based. Meet the extensive curriculum of Professor José M Tallon and some of the scientific studies published by himself.

Consultas Presenciais

Marque a sua consulta numa das nossas clínicas espalhadas por todo o País. Lisboa, Porto, Coimbra, Faro. 


Permanent Monitoring

Your evolution will be closely monitored by your doctor in charge, via Chat, WhatsApp or any necessary method.

Online Consultations

Do your weight loss treatments from the comfort of your own home. Wherever you are. We use the latest technologies. Any necessary medication can be sent by pharmacies to the address of your choice.

35 Years of Experience

We are the Slimming Clinic with the most experience in the treatment of obesity and weight loss nationally and internationally.

Weight Loss

We design a personalized plan for each person. Improve your health. Increase your self-esteem. Treat yourself and stay in shape. Always lose weight in a healthy way.

Portuguese, Spanish and English

Our experienced doctors speak 3 languages. They can follow you in whatever is most convenient for you.

Desde 80€

Our treatments consist of a consultation with your doctor at our slimming clinic or online. Personalized medicines can be collected directly from pharmacies or, at your request, sent to your home.

Slimming Clinic Price List

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A simple, economical and healthy way to lose weight.

Scientific knowledge is the basis of our work.

It is through it that we achieve results of Excellence.

“There are no prohibited foods in the fight against obesity. There are wrong habits and they can be changed.”

– MD,PhD. José Maria Tallon

“For 3 years I always had to take painkillers to control severe pain in my entire right leg, having been advised by my family doctor to reduce the 79 kg I had in June 2020 to a weight compatible with my height of 1.61 m. As I knew I wouldn't be able to do it alone, I went to Dr Carmen's consultations, who taught me how to eat healthy, drink water and do sports. Since July 2020, I started treatment and after 3 months I didn't have so much pain, because I managed to lose some weight. Some times I lost more weight, others less, but throughout the year I always reduced the swelling in my legs, fluid retention and I stopped having pain and taking painkillers daily. I finally have the 61 kg I need and I have improved my quality of life thanks to the treatment and encouragement that Dr Carmen provided for my recovery.”

Ivone B.

“I started being accompanied by Dr Rafael in May 2021 and there are no words to thank him for his attention, kindness and sympathy. In addition to being an excellent professional, he is, above all, very human. It drives us and encourages us to improve our health and it is always a pleasure to talk to him for the care and respect with which he treats us. Thank you Dr Rafael for the difference in my path of seeking to improve my health.
I also want to thank all the ladies who answer our calls. They are always very friendly and helpful.”

Juliana Franco

“Dr Tallon made me feel my self-esteem high, due to the effectiveness of his treatment. I advise anyone who has obesity problems to go to Clinica Dr Tallon. The treatment is effective and unique. Thank you to the team at Clinica Dr Tallon.”

Alberto Borges


(Partial results from 1996 to 2021)

Years of Experience

Number of Patients

Lost Weight (Kgs)

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How to Lose Weight the Healthy Way

Flexible and Online Consultations

Or Phone: +351 217 956 077

Samara Mendes
Samara Mendes
Melhor clinica de emagrecimento Fui muito bem atendida pelo dr Eduardo Esta valendo muito a pena
Sou "paciente" do Dr. José Maria Tallon desde 1986. Com acompanhamento regular, depois de 4 filhos e muitas asneiras feitas pelo meio, 36 anos depois tenho conseguido, com a sua ajuda, manter praticamente o mesmo peso. Assim a minha classificação, para além das 5 estrelas, será uma medalha🥇, apesar das fotografias do site estarem de meter medo ao susto! Os funcionários são de uma eficiência e simpatia excepcional. Obrigada a todos Tereza Sáragga Leal
Silvia Vicente
Silvia Vicente
Recomendo e volto a recomendar. É impossível ser mais bem atendido, tratado, acompanhado e ter resultados tão bons e rápidos noutro lugar!
José Comino
José Comino
Profissionais, simpatia e resultados!!!

App Tallon Clinic

New method for
monitoring visits
and treatments

App Tallon Clinic

New method for
monitoring visits
and treatments

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Losing Weight Healthy is Our Mission

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