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Tallon Clinic

The future of your health can be on your Smartphone

The Mobile App that allows you to always be closer to your doctor


Get to know the complete addresses of the clinics and, with a single click, see on the map the location of each one.


By geolocation, get travel directions and know how to get to any clinic, from where you are.


Consult the telephone contacts of each clinic and, with a single click, make calls directly to the clinics.


To help you know how your health is in terms of weight, the App has a Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator. This index is an international measure used to calculate whether a person is at their ideal weight. It is an easy and quick method of calculation, so it is an international predictor of obesity adopted by the World Health Organization. Just enter your weight and height and the application calculates your BMI, shows it graphically and clearly what your rating is.

Additionally, it provides you with advice depending on your case and also allows you to make an immediate contact with any of the clinics of your choice.


Sending messages to your clinic, whether to make appointments or just to clarify any doubts, is also a function that is now just a click away. The medical team will return a response as quickly as possible.

Know the main warning signs, which you should be aware of, consulting the "Alerts and Warnings" areas of the application. Being well informed is the first step in avoiding health problems.

Know also how to maintain a good performance in your treatment and in maintaining your health. The application has a whole set of information that will help you to stay healthy.

Check how much you know about nutrition and the obesity problem by consulting the application's knowledge area.


The creation of a Premium access on the App has no associated cost. 

Additionally, you can create Premium access to the application. In this area you will become even more closely connected to your doctor.

You just need to create your own Login and define your personal access codes so that, if you are a client of one of Dr. Tallon's Clinics, you will have access to the area for monitoring your personalized treatment.

You can consult the entire treatment plan on the Smartphone, as prescribed by your doctor. You will never forget to take your medication again. The details of the diet will also always be with you, so that nothing fails.

You will be able to record your performance throughout the treatment, in terms of compliance with the diet plan, taking medications and performing physical exercise as recommended by the doctor.

With Premium access to the application, you can be notified of the times you should take your medications, the days when you should exercise and be reminded that it is important to register your meals.

The continued use of Premium features may be one of the best guarantees that it will increase the ability to keep your weight within the desired and healthy limits.


Download your application here and start exploring all its features now