Como celebrar o Dia da Mãe

O Dia da Mãe é, sem dúvida, uma festa muito especial. Podemos ou não ser mães, mas todos temos uma mãe que nos levou no ventre. Por isso é motivo de celebração!
Como é normal na nossa cultura, vamos celebrar, comendo. Amanhã será um dia mais livre, coma como a restante família, mas prefira o pão integral de farinha mãe e fermentação lenta, e substitua a maior parte de batatas, arroz ou similares, por verduras cruas ou cozidas.
Mais importante que tudo, desfrute nesse dia! A minha mãe já está no céu há 32 anos, a vida é assim, mas lembro-me sempre dela.

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Páscoa, reerguer e dieta

A altura da Páscoa é um período contraditório, de tristeza e alegria, morte e ressurreição, cair e levantar. Também o podemos aplicar à dieta, no sentido em que falhar a dieta é uma ótima oportunidade para nos reerguermos com mais força e avançar. Não desespere, nem tudo corre como nós queremos, mas quando caímos, temos sempre a oportunidade de nos levantar.
Domingo de Ressurreição é um fantástico dia para comer um cabrito no forno e para estar com a família, tal como eu vou fazer. Como sempre, mesmo havendo refeições mais calóricas, pode fazer escolhas, por exemplo, escorra a maior parte do molho e diminua a quantidade de batatas ou arroz.
Tenha uma feliz Páscoa, e reerga-se!

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Are we eating the Vitamins and Minerals needed?

Until 20/40 years ago, having a varied diet would have been enough, but currently, it is not.
Our diet has changed substantially in the last few decades. Ultra-processed foods, very common today, provide a much lower amount of essential nutrients, and the healthier foods that we include in our diet contain fewer nutrients than they did a few decades ago. This is mainly due to the exponential use of pesticides (fertilizers, pesticides, etc.) and mass industrialization.
In addition, our habits and tastes have also changed, which ends up influencing our food choices.
Currently, there are more than 20 different types of diets, and the most common is to exclude food groups, often resulting in nutritional deficiencies, such as Vitamin A and/or C, calcium, folic acid, magnesium, iron and thymamine. However, supplementing without monitoring and control is not the solution!
It is recommended to consume foods rich in the missing nutrients and, if necessary and prescribed by a Doctor or Nutritionist, to help with supplementation, in the indicated dosages.

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How to make up for new year's excesses?

The time of Christmas and New Year's Eve is characterized by several excesses, both in terms of quantity and quality, and usually involves heavier meals.
We must compensate, in addition to the weight gained, for the overload caused on our liver and digestive system.
If we do an intermittent fasting of 8/16 (fasting for 16 hours and consuming light meals/food for the next 8 hours) for a week, or 5/2 (two days with a very reduced diet, not exceeding 500 kcal), and, for the next five days, on a light diet), we will be able to give our body the rest it needs to help it regenerate, in addition to the benefit of weight loss.

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Can we all be together on Christmas?

This year I'm not going to talk about Christmas foods, I'm going to talk about coexistence at Christmas, because Christmas is a time of joy and sharing. This year should also be, but with certainty, unlike last year, we have vaccines and the possibility of doing an antigen test or a PCR before socializing, let's all do it and let's not forget that there is family and that there are friends. Don't be afraid of covid, have a lot of respect for covid. Taking care of yourself, you will also take care of others, have a Merry Christmas.

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Is there an "Anti-inflammatory diet?

More than thinking about “dieting”, we should think about adopting anti-inflammatory lifestyle habits.
Acute inflammation is a positive and healing response of our body that is mediated, among other factors, by cortisol (cortisone).
When inflammation becomes chronic, it is considered a health problem, with multiple associated consequences. Bearing this information in mind, we cannot forget that
Obesity is a state of chronic inflammation.

Inflammatory factors that we can control:
- Alcohol;
– Tobacco;
– Ultra-processed;
- Fried;
– Simple and industrialized sugars;
– Stress;
- Sedentary lifestyle.

Fortunately, there is an effective treatment/approach! 👇🏼

We must ingest:
– Fermented foods, to increase the variety of intestinal flora (probiotics);
– Cherries (antioxidant and anti-inflammatory);
– Seeds and nuts;
– Fatty/blue fish;
– Cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli;
– Relaxation techniques;
– Aerobic and muscular strength exercise.

In this way, we will be able to control the weight more easily and the improvements will be fantastic.

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