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The problem of hair loss is already well known and, as a general rule, it is thought that there is no solution.

Fortunately, this is false.

Medicine has advanced a lot in this and other fields, allowing us today to know, most of the time, the cause of hair loss and its solution. The main reasons for hair loss are: hereditary, nervous and associated pathologies (endocrine, autoimmune, anemias, mycoses, dermatitis, etc.). The hereditary factor is more frequent in men, and is usually related to an increase in receptors on the scalp, which implies an increase in the transformation of testosterone into DHT.

Although to a lesser extent, it also affects women, especially after menopause. The nervous and endocrine systems are also responsible for hair loss problems, which are more frequent in women of childbearing age.

To give an answer to these problems in an understandable way, we would say that medical treatment consists of providing the organism: enzymes, receptor inhibitors, minerals, vitamins, etc., which it cannot produce or absorb. This contribution is made by means of capsules (one or two per day) and application of a specific shampoo adapted to each type of hair. The stimulation of the hair follicle is, like the hair cycle itself, slow (as is the fall), so we will have to be patient and wait three to six months for the first results.

In the few cases where this is not possible (5%), our innovative micro-surgical method consists of extracting hair follicles from the posterior area, where they are more abundant and not subject to hormonal influence, and introducing them one by one in the zone where they are needed.