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The word diet is always associated with a period of time. And this is wrong! No diet that is viewed in this way will work in the long run. Our philosophy is to change in a permanent way our habits of life. For this we always use manipulated drugs, most of which are natural products to help with this process. This is the only way we can achieve permanent changes. Imagine a hypertensive with a blood pressure of 180/100. Would we just dieting? Never! We would medicate and in addition we would make a hypocaloric diet and with less salt. The weight is similar. When the need for loss exceeds 5 kg, it will be necessary to use a medication aid. So when we get the results, we gradually slow down, until stop completely, so that the body has become accustomed to the new habits and does not need drugs to maintain the results.

We also understand that physical exercise should be daily and the ideal is to walk, not only by the calories that it consumes, but also by the improvement it provides to our health. What we want is for the change we make to become permanent. We also want people to be aware of what their actual level of knowledge is. So we have a knowledge test, which has a mainly educational component. With repetition and with the help of the supporting texts, we will improve our knowledge and, of course, our behavior. Explore and use our Mobile App to see how much calories you have, what needs you have, and so many things that will help you feel better about yourself and your health.


Because our mission is to be one step ahead, with regard to the aesthetic and general health concerns of our patients, we continue to make every effort to seek new solutions in the field of medical, aesthetic and surgical research to help to keep our patients "up-to-date" to the high standards of our society's demands.