Aesthetic Medicine

Minimizing the effects of time and improving self-esteem is already a safe and accessible reality.

The evolution of applied medicine in the field of aesthetics now allows results that were only possible with surgery. All current resources refer aesthetic medicine to a milestone that contributes to physical, mental and social well-being.

We are facing a society marked by competitiveness and a growing concern with “self-image”, resulting in a greater care for the body, looking for a more harmonious body contour, care for clothing, cosmetics, which is seen as a “positive vanity. ”, As it expresses an appreciation of self-esteem and social context, thus justifying the growing interventionism of aesthetic medical services.

Currently, Aesthetic Medicine offers a high degree of satisfaction to both sexes with a very wide safety margin.

Any treatment must be carefully prepared and planned, for this it is necessary to carry out a previous study. A medical history is essential, as well as all necessary complementary exams. In cases where it is necessary to resort to cosmetic surgery, most interventions will be done under local anesthesia and on an outpatient basis, which will normally avoid hospitalization and increase safety. Because each case is different, the choice of surgical technique will be made by the surgeon who, together with the patient, will analyze the pros and cons of each intervention.