Fractional CO2 Laser

Medical treatment that produces safe and effective lifting (resurfacing) of the skin of the face, neck, decoleté and hands. This treatment promotes fractional photothermolysis, that is, multiple points of treated skin surrounded by islands of untreated skin, so the healing process is accelerated and safe. The result of the treatment is immediate, cumulative and gradual. The most immediate result is a decrease in the depth of the wrinkle. On the other hand, the cumulative and gradual results depend on the formation of collagen and in general are only noticeable in the medium term, about 3 to 6 months after treatment, a period in which new collagen has already formed.

The results are individual and vary from person to person, according to age and other factors that favor the stimulation of collagen (hydration of the skin, genetics, etc.) or stimulate its degradation and decrease its production (smoking, excessive sun exposure, menopause, etc.). The result is always visible, but in different proportions for each person, most of the time being very satisfactory.

Quite used for:
- Cutaneous photoaging.
- Facial sagging.
- Perioral and periorbital wrinkles.
- Some types of melasma and age spots (face, hands, decoleté).
- Acne scars.