Plasma or PRP Therapy

Medical treatment based on the use of autologous plasma as a vehicle for the controlled release of various cell growth stimulating factors will multiply fibroblasts with increased collagen production and elastin which accelerate and optimize tissue repair and repair. Plasma is an autologous biological material that is obtained from the patient's own blood. It is a simple treatment, does not require hospitalization or previous preparations, as well as free from allergy risk. It is therefore a safe treatment that allows the quick return to daily activities.

- Skin rejuvenation (combats sagging, wrinkles and lines of expression, uniforms the complexion of the skin, that is, produces a generalized improvement of the skin. It can be applied on face, neck, decoleté and hands).
- Hair treatment (helps to stagnate hair loss, as well as produces capillary densification).
- Scars and stretch marks (improvement of appearance, color and elasticity of affected skin).