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Professional nutrigenomic advice


Genetics and body weight

• Tired of trying diets that don't work?
• Do you want to know how your genetics affect your weight?
• Do you want to know how your diet should be according to your genetics?
• Do you know if your body needs supplementation?

There are genetic variations that can help to predict the risk of developing certain illnesses and an individual's response to certain foods and medications.

Genetic factors determine between 40-70% of BMI.

Personalized nutrition

Nutrigenetics studies the body's different reactions (weight, blood pressure, plasma cholesterol or glucose levels, for example) to specify a diet (such as a low-fat or Mediterranean diet), depending on the genetics of each patient.

Personalized nutrition is a healthy dietary recommendation adapted to the state of health, lifestyle and genetics, taking into account the information obtained with nutrigenetics.


Innovative genetic testing for a personalized weight loss plan that analyzes genetic factors and other relevant characteristics of the patient.

What is analyzed?

The NutriGen test is designed for people who:

• Want an optimal diet plan according to their body and genetic characteristics to promote their well-being.

• Want to understand how their genetics affect their body weight.

• Have tried different diet plans with little or no results and want them to be more effective.

• Want to improve and understand their dietary needs with personalized supplementation.


Fully personalized diet plan
You will receive a diet plan designed exclusively to help you achieve your goal.

Explanation of genetic factors
When analyzing 384 genetic variations, you will receive detailed information that will help you better understand your body and provide you with the nutrients you really need.

Expert support
Your nutrition specialist will now have an in-depth knowledge of your genetic characteristics and how they relate to your body weight.

A lifetime test
Genetic results do not change during your lifetime.

How it works?

1 • Make an appointment with our doctors to perform the NutriGen test.
2 • A saliva DNA sample will be collected. This process will take a minute.
3 • Fill out the questionnaire with your doctor.
4 • After 4-5 weeks, come back to the consultation to find out the results.
5 • Follow your personalized meal plan according to your doctor's recommendation.