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Know your cell age and delay premature aging


How are your cells?

• Do you want to know your cell age?
• Interested in delaying premature aging?
• Would you like to grow old with quality?
• Find out if your lifestyle and what your body needs.

Environmental factors, certain lifestyle habits, stress or negative thoughts, are some of the factors that can affect our aging.
The concern for healthy aging and well-aging has favored the appearance of new tools to know our aging.

Telomeres and premature aging

Telomeres are structures of DNA present at the ends of chromosomes in the form of repetitions. Its function is to protect the chromosome from external and internal damage and damage.
The longitude of the telomeres is one of the biomarkers more accurate passage of time in the organism and keeping them long allows to live longer and postpone the onset of illnesses.


TeloTest is the genetic test that measures the length of the telomeres in order to quantify the degree of cellular aging of the organism.

TeloTest is designed for all those people who:

Men and women over 30 , concerned about their aging and how to try to stop it.
• Have family history of premature aging or conditions specific to the patient that implies premature aging.
• They have an interest in making an intensive follow-up of the evolution of their aging throughout their life.
They want an effective well-aging treatment and prepared to measure.


Telomeric study and interpretation
You are provided with complete information with your cell age and suggested treatment.

Completely personalized treatment
A personalized prescription developed just for you.

Specialized support
Your doctor will now have a thorough knowledge of your genetic characteristics and how they relate to your aging, providing you with complete genetic and therapeutic advice.

How it works?

1 • Make an appointment with our doctors to perform the TeloTest.
2 • A sample of saliva DNA will be collected. This process will take a minute.
3 • Fill out the questionnaire with your doctor.
4 • After 2-3 weeks, come back to the consultation to find out the results.
5 • Perform your personalized treatment according to your doctor's prescription.