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Do you have hair loss?



It is a progressive condition that has different forms and causes.
There are several types of alopecia, the most common being known as androgenetic alopecia, it is hereditary. Without treatment, hair loss is progressive over time.

Factors that cause alopecia

• Increased testosterone levels
• Hormonal changes
• Inflammation
• Circulatory problems
• Low levels of vitamins and minerals
• Stress
• Pollution
• Others


80% of men have suffered from androgenetic alopecia during their lifetime.




40% of women have suffered from androgenetic alopecia during their lifetime.

TrichoTest is the most complete genetic test for alopecia, which analyzes both genetic factors, clinical characteristics and lifestyle.


TrichoTest is indicated for:

• Anyone who wants an effective treatment, tailor-made according to their genetic needs.

• Patients with a family history of alopecia.

• Men and women who have tried various treatments with little or no results.


• Completely personalized treatment
A personalized prescription is prepared just for you.

Explanation of genetic factors
You are provided with complete information explaining your genetic characteristics and their relationship to the treatment of alopecia.

• Specialized support
Your doctor will thus have a thorough knowledge of your genetic characteristics and how they relate to alopecia, providing you with complete genetic and therapeutic advice.

• Unique test
Treatment for life.

How it works?

1 • Make an appointment with our doctors to perform the TrichoTest.
2 • A sample of saliva DNA will be collected. This process will take a minute.
3 • Fill out the questionnaire with your doctor.
4 • After 2-3 weeks, come back to the consultation to find out the results.
5 • Perform your personalized treatment according to your doctor's prescription.