We are close to you ... Wherever you are!

Our team and our clinic are prepared to make non-physical consultations. Your doctor can give you an appointment without having to go to our facilities.

If you are far from us, if you are in another country, if you are unable to come with us, or if you simply can not afford to spend the time necessary to move around and look for parking near our facilities, you can request an appointment online.

By prior appointment, your doctor can reach you through new technologies and ensure the best continuity and follow-up of your treatment.

It is important to note that, also in this type of consultation, we use the latest technologies to ensure that all data transmitted between you and your doctor are protected and safe without any breach of confidentiality.


In the comfort of your home

In practice, all you need is equipment with internet access, such as a Tablet or a PC with a camera and microphone, and network coverage that allows you to make video calls.

In this way, you can see and talk to your doctor, just as your doctor can see and talk to you, as if they were together in one of our consulting offices.

If necessary, our services will give you any medication you need for the treatment in progress.

Now the distance will no longer be reason to interrupt your treatment!


At the service of your health

While the consultation takes place at a distance, your doctor can consult all your medical history, thus ensuring the same type of monitoring and rigor existing in a normal face-to-face consultation.

Ideally, you should also use the "Tallon Clinic" App, available for SmartPhones with iOS or Android systems, to record over time compliance with the treatment you were prescribed. This way, when you are in consultation with your doctor, he will immediately have access to the way your treatment has been processed and you can, now better than ever, evaluate the course you have performed and advise you to ensure that you objectives.

Download your Tallon Clinic App through the following links: