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Obesity - A Real Problem

Overweight and obesity increase from year to year. This problem affects younger and younger people, so it has long since ceased to be treated as an “only aesthetic” problem to be treated as a chronic disease with serious health consequences.

More than 2000 years ago, Hippocrates observed that obesity reduced life expectancy.

There are several causes for this increase: some of a hereditary type, which cause the person's metabolism to absorb a greater amount of the food eaten than the “normal” one, cause for the fact that some people gain more weight than others eating the same; others from the increasingly sedentary Western lifestyle (heavy work done by machines, transport to work, remote controls, Internet, etc.), in which even children exchange physical exercise for computer games.

Due to lack of time or comfort, eating habits have changed, and our typical Mediterranean diet has given way to fried foods, cakes, fast food and all kinds of pre-cooked food very rich in saturated fat, the worst for our health.

Stress, an inseparable companion of our civilization, causes anxiety, depression and other changes in the nervous system, which can slow the metabolism and make us look for compensation in food. Obesity, directly or indirectly, will quickly become the most frequent cause of death in the western world, so we must be aware and see a specialist doctor as soon as possible. Medical treatment is always possible.

We must be motivated and change our life habits, get used to exercise, split meals and reduce quantities, adapting them to the needs of our real consumption. Apparently simple, although in reality it is not, most of the time hunger, anxiety, among others, do not allow us to fulfill these objectives, so the doctor will use the appropriate medication for the necessary time, in a personalized, effective and safe way.

In some cases of morbid obesity, surgical treatment (gastric band, balloon, gastrointestinal bypass) may also be necessary. It is important to know that any obesity problem can be solved as long as there is a predisposition to comply with the proposed plan.

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